5 Ways to Make Money Online While Staying at Home

If you want to work from home and not have to worry about the hassles of commuting or working in an office, starting your own business that requires little overhead might be your best bet. And it’s easier than you think! Thanks to the power of the internet, making money online from home has never been easier—just as long as you know what you’re doing. Check out these five ways to make money online while staying at home and getting things done around the house.

1) Blogging

A lot of people are interested in making money on blogs these days. One way to do so is by offering affiliate links to products you like and then earning a commission every time someone makes a purchase through your link. You can also use Google AdSense, which allows you to display targeted ads on your site, then earn a certain amount of money for every click those ads get.

2) Being an Influencer

Write for your community. Think about what your followers want and how you can provide it in exchange for a financial or social benefit. A great way to do that is with affiliate marketing, which involves promoting products as an influencer (typically on social media). You set up a website and drive traffic to it. If people buy whatever you’re promoting, you get paid a commission—and your followers get what they want.

3) Affiliate Marketing

If you have an interest in marketing and a knack for getting people excited about a product, becoming an affiliate marketer can help you earn extra money online. An affiliate marketer receives a commission on sales. They are paid as either a percentage of sales or per click. Many merchants offer special affiliate programs where you’re compensated based on your performance or purchases with that merchant.

4) Selling goods on eBay

If you can find items that are in high demand, such as electronics or shoes, you may be able to make some money by selling them online. However, there is no easy way to make money using eBay’s Buy-It-Now feature, says Jim Lecinski of Entrepreneur magazine. It will take a lot of time and effort. But if you have some extra time each week and want to try something new while earning some pocket cash, why not give it a shot?

5) Selling your old stuff

Who doesn’t have a few things lying around their house that they don’t need or use? Give your old CDs and DVDs, clothes, books, games, electronics—anything you no longer use—to charity. Or, try having a garage sale. You may not make a lot of money, but you will get rid of clutter and earn some extra cash.

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online from home. Just be sure to research any opportunities thoroughly before taking the plunge. With a little effort, you can make money online while staying at home and keeping your day job—or ditch the 9-to-5 altogether!

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